TechRender is the only Diamond Level Associate member of the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) to offer a course in laser scanning and drone photogrammetry for NCSEA continuing education credits. Learn more about TechRender’s accredited NCSEA Lunch and Learn below.

3D laser scanning and drone photogrammetry are revolutionizing the building industry by creating fast and highly accurate building documentation. Explore the benefits in emerging technologies to help modernize your practice in our hour-long course.

Learn how TechRender utilizes LIDAR scan data to create 3D computer models, 2D technical drawings, 3D printed models and advanced visualization of buildings, facades and complex structures with accuracy down to the millimeter.

 “The technology is moving into the mainstream and engineering firms have a need to learn more about adopting these technologies into modern practice” 
– Dan Wilhelms, President of TechRender.

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Virtual and on-site classes available.