HP Jumpstart is a cost-effective “pre-construction” service that provides digitization of basic as-built documentation to jumpstart every historic project with confidence. With TechRender’s HP Jumpstart, you get the advantage of designing around existing building conditions, which drastically reduces expensive field changes.


Plan your preservation project around exact building conditions by digitizing your building to easily access its data on your desktop. HP Jumpstart will provide you with:

  • Highly accurate, as-built CAD drawings and elevations of your building
  • Precise square footage and volume data
  • Photographic documentation set
  • Digital 3D files for a myriad of downstream uses
  • 3D visual graphics of the site
No more guessing about how much paint to purchase or struggling to bring your vision to life. With TechRender’s help, you’ll have a tangible starting point for fundraising, stunning 3D visual graphics for marketing, and accurate measurements for project scoping, regulatory review and contractor bidding. The HP jumpstart also lays the foundation for future documentation development, either today or when needed in the future. 
HP Jumpstart


TechRender will use its data capture technology to deliver:

  • A digital mesh model of your building
  • An accurate geometric model of your building for visualization, downstream renovation/maintenance and posterity
  • Digital photographic set of building
  • Stunning “fly through” videos
  • Basic building documentation set
  • Optional: 5 scaled 3D printed models of building
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