Columbia, MO
A Wisconsin-based stone fabricator was tasked with the production & replacement of stone finials atop a WW1 memorial tower on the University of Missouri campus.

With no original plans or specifications, the Client engaged TechRender to perform a field 3D laser scan to capture the architectural detail at the top of the tower. Portions of the tower that were otherwise inaccessible were captured with drone photogrammetry, providing a safe and zero-contact solution for data collection. With the resulting data, our client was able to use 3D printable mesh files for the reproduction of the finials with the use of CNC equipment.

  • Scan Files
  • 3D Mesh Files
  • CAD Formatted Dataset
  • Laser Scan Documentation
  • Drone Photogrammetry
  • 3D Modeling



Milwaukee, WI   |  Commercial
The AT&T Building in Milwaukee is one of the most recognized historic skyscrapers in the city. Designed by the famous Milwaukee architect Alexander Eschweiler, it stands as a tribute to architectural design and terra cotta decorative elements that predated the modern movement. As such, it contains highly decorative and ornate historic details.

A series of terra cotta rooftop lanterns give the tower its iconic look. However, these decorative elements have had to sustain almost 100 years of frigid Milwaukee weather and unforgiving freeze/thaw cycles.

The lanterns, in serious need of repair and restoration, were laser scanned with ground-based scanners as well as drone-mounted scanners. The accurate information data was obtained while leaving the existing pieces in place and avoiding 20 floors of scaffolding. These scans also allowed the terra cotta production company to recreate the pieces. The remote, internet, computer-based operation saved significant time and money.

  • 3D Printable Mesh
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Element Reproduction



Chicopee, MA
Our client was tasked with the production & replacement of decorative ‘column caps’ of a rose window featuring a significant amount of elaborate architectural detail.

The deteriorated structure of the window was supported by a series of wood braces that obstructed views on an already challenging project. To meet a tight deadline, TechRender tackled the unique challenge with a handheld scanner solution, which was complimented by traditional photogrammetry techniques. Our ability to rapidly quote and execute on this project allowed the client to reproduce and replace replica column caps that exceeded client expectations.

  • 3D Mesh Scanned Files
  • 2D Object Renderings
  • Rapid Quoting
  • Handheld Scan Documentation
  • Handheld Photogrammetry Documentation



Milwaukee, WI   |  Institutional & Industrial
Laser scanning was used to accurately document this limestone lion statue; a historic treasure designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

This archive preserves the lion statue indefinitely. It may be digitally reproduced using a CNC milling or rapid prototyping machine at the original or altered scale.

From the gathered scan data, we can create a digital model that can be reproduced, repaired, restored, archived, scaled, and modified. Unlike many traditional methods of documentation or reproduction the laser scanning digitizing process occurs without physically touching the object. This hands-off approach is especially useful when an object is delicate, frail or valuable.

  • Scan Files
  • 3D Printable Mesh
  • 3D Model
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Element Reproduction
  • 3D printing



Milwaukee, WI   |  Commercial
The Badger Mutual Insurance building is one of the finest art deco buildings in Milwaukee. Filled with unique and stunning architectural details, laser scanning was the best way to document this treasure.

Scans served as archival information of this great building, but also functioned as a quick, inexpensive, and extremely accurate set of drawings if modification or sale of the building happens in the future.

  • 3D Printable Mesh
  • 3D Printed object
  • AutoCAD 2D Linework
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Element Reproduction
  • Element Reproduction
  • Documentation Set of existing buildings (2D)
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Bay View, WI   |  Residential
At this building in Bay View, WI, large renaissance tin balls adorned the parapets for over 150 years. These tin balls were located in an inaccessible place for upkeep resulting in eventual rust and detachment.

Through laser scanning of the salvaged balls, new balls could be created – accurately and quickly.

The 3D scan information was quite versatile in that new balls could be created, through a CNC process, out of nearly any material. The owner was able to select materials that were easy to install, economical, and more durable than tin.

  • 3D Printable Mesh
  • 3D Printed Object
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Element Reproduction
  • Element Reproduction



Chippewa Falls, WI   |  Institutional
The Cobban Bridge of Chippewa Falls is one of the oldest iron/steel assembled bridges in Wisconsin.

When the Department of Transportation began plans to remove the bridge, a locate heritage advocacy group was formed, attempting to find a solution other than demolition. Traditional documentation of this iconic northern Wisconsin bridge was difficult if not impossible.

Ground-based laser scanning, as well as drone-mounted scanning, allowed the documentation team to obtain the highest level of visual information about the bridge in only one day. As plans about the future of the bridge proceed, accurate information will help the cause of the preservationists.

  • Scan Files
  • Registered Point Cloud
  • 3D Printed Object
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Element Reproduction