Historic building owners, architects and consultants dream of saving the most prized architecture for future generations to enjoy, but even the most worthy historic preservation projects face challenges that make it difficult to get the project in full swing, such as:

  • Missing or out of date drawing sets; lack of basic building information.
  • Specific historic preservation documentation requirements.
  • Time consuming and often physically dangerous manual field measurements and recordings.

The Advantages of Digital Building Documentation

Complications like these can derail your project, leading to errors, major cost overruns and delays. By making the up-front investment before a renovation project, you get the advantage of designing around actual building conditions and drastically reducing expensive field changes.
Now, with TechRender’s help, you can preserve your historic building, worry-free. TechRender is at the forefront of making practical use of field data capture technology, including:
TechRender’s Historic Preservation Services are tailored to address critical impediments to historic preservation and provide data required for:


TechRender offers a Historic Preservation Jumpstart package with two add-on solutions to meet your project needs:

HP Jumpstart

This cost-effective “pre-construction” service provides digitization of basic as-built documentation to jumpstart every historic project with confidence. With HP Jumpstart, you get the advantage of designing around existing building conditions, which drastically reduces expensive field changes.

Complete Building Documentation Sets

All Services included in the HP Jumpstart package, plus post-processing to produce full Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) measured drawings, compliant building documentation sets and other documentation required for historic projects.

BIM/Revit Modeling

All Services included in the HP Jumpstart package plus conversion of digital data to Revit/BIM models for on-going building monitoring and maintenance with the flexibility to meet your specific needs.
Historic preservation documentation starts at $1,000. Not sure which package is right for you? Contact [email protected] for a consultation and quote for your historic preservation project!