Hello everyone! We’re open for business and looking forward to working with you. The excerpt below comes our enterprise launch press release and documents our mission in this market.

We’re launching with advanced offerings in sophisticated LiDAR scanning, drone photogrammetry and computer modeling services to accelerate architectural building documentation. This suite of technology combined with a library of projects across the documentation ecosystem strives to disrupt the laser scanning industry.

But this is just the beginning! Check back often to hear more on laser scanning, building documentation and our latest work.

MILWAUKEE – Leveraging years of academic research and practical applications in LiDAR (light detection and ranging) or laser scanning, digital modeling and 3D printing technologies, TechRender enters the market to accelerate precise building documentation at a fraction of the cost of current methods.

“TechRender’s vision is to disrupt the traditional ‘artisanal’ based architectural documentation industry,” said Dan Wilhelms, company President. “TechRender uses emerging technology to digitally capture building data faster, more accurately and affordably than manual ‘tape measure and ladder’ methods.”

Laser Scanning & Building Documentation Drives Project Success

Speed is key to the success of any building project, and TechRender’s agile approach enables rapid, fixed-price quoting and crisp execution. Persistent cloud-based storage and utility of building data is provided via subscription-based Building Information Management (BIM) infrastructure.

“The latest LiDAR scanners can collect over 900,000 data points per second,” said Vince Scalici, Chief Technologist of TechRender. “We can digitally capture entire building exteriors and interiors, in color, with up to a 1,000 of an inch accuracy.”

TechRender works with clients to process this scan data and create 3D computer models, 2D technical drawings, 3D printed models and advanced visualization of buildings and complex building details. These materials and resources enable expedited project planning and reduce costly site visits or rework.

Born in University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

TechRender’s launch represents another business originating in UW-Milwaukee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The partnership between the public institution and private business leaders equips new enterprises to bring breakthrough ideas to market.

“We are pleased to see our advanced research in building digitalization being brought to market,” said Matt Jarosz, Director of the Historic Preservation Institute at the UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

“TechRender is one more example of UWM’s collaborative partnership with entrepreneurs in bringing applied research out to commercial ventures. We’re excited to see the company provide jobs and innovation to the local economy.”