The building / renovation process is complicated by many unknowns, no matter the industry, and many organizations are still operating with traditional practices that limit their ability to overcome roadblocks. When a Wisconsin-based stone fabricator needed to do restoration work on an intricate and inaccessible historic tower on the University of Missouri campus, they met challenges head on by utilizing laser scanning technology from TechRender that allowed them to do more, faster.

Historical Restoration Meets Roadblocks

Constructed in 1921, the Memorial Student Union was built in honor of University of Missouri alumni who died in World War I. As part of a restoration project, the stone fabricator was tasked with production and replacement of intricate gothic carved stone finials positioned at the top of the tower. However, the fabricator faced a number of roadblocks, such as a short project timeline, no access to the original plans (which included the size and specifications of objects in need of restoration), and the inability to use scaffolding to manually measure the finials.

3D Laser Scanning Creates Accurate Digital Representation of Architectural Detail

Understanding the implications of these challenges, the fabricator partnered with TechRender to perform field 3D laser scanning of the architectural detail at the top of the tower. Drone photogrammetry was also used to capture data beyond the laser line of sight. In less than four days, the fabricator went from having no plans to having a digital file ready for CNC reproduction.

The stone fabricator was more than impressed by TechRender’s work:

“I had heard about laser scanning as a means to replicate physical objects for reproduction, but I didn’t think the technology could be this precise. TechRender quickly captured a detailed scan that exceeded our expectations and empowered us to exceed our customer’s expectations.”

With accuracy down to the millimeter, TechRender’s expert digital data capture and modeling provided the fabricator with a highly accurate computer model without the cost or physical danger of traditional measuring methods.

Affordable, fast and accurate, TechRender is the one-stop launching point for technology integration to manage successful new build or renovation projects.

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